About Dr Derrick Phillips

Dr Derrick Phillips is a London based Consultant Dermatologist. From acne to rosacea, rashes and skin cancer, removal of skin tags or facial rejuvenation therapies; Dr Phillips’ vast body of international clinical experience is the cornerstone of his success.

Dr Derrick Phillips

Dr Phillips obtained his medical degree from University College London Medical School in 2011. He graduated with a double merit and achieved First-class honours in his Medical Physics and Bioengineering BSc. He completed his general medical training in London and New South Wales, Australia, before embarking on specialist dermatology training in Liverpool.

Dr Phillips was elected to the fellowship of the Royal College of Physicians, in recognition of his contribution to dermatology. His career has been decorated by accolades including the British Association of Dermatologists 2022 Green Prize for his work on sustainability in Dermatological surgery, as part of the ‘Dermatology Sustainability UK Group’. Dr Philips is a fellow of St John’s Institute of Dermatology and a past recipient of their registrar prize.

Dr Phillips worked in the National Health Service for 12 years and was a consultant at the world-renowned Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust where he was the clinical lead for psoriasis, overseeing treatment of patients with biologics. As a specialist in adult female acne, he has been involved in cutting edge research, including a national clinical trial for hormonal acne. Dr Phillips was the undergraduate lead for medical students at St Mary’s Hospital and held an honorary appointment as a clinical teacher at Imperial College London.

Dr Phillips is widely published in scientific literature and has lectured at international conferences. He is an official spokesperson for the British Skin Foundation and his commentary is regularly featured in print and online media including Women’s Health magazine, The Guardian, Marie-Claire, Refinery29 and BBC radio. Dr Phillips was recently featured in ‘Secrets of Your Supermarket Food’ on channel 5 and is listed in the prestigious Tatler address book 2023. Dr Phillips was also featured as a new entry in the Tatler Beauty and Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2023.

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Dr Phillips has over a decade of experience with hundreds of surgical hours and is a well-recognised, experienced physician providing world-class and personalised treatment plans to suit individual needs.

Known for his excellence and innovation, Dr Phillips’ evidence-based, patient-centred approach and attention to detail have been the basis of the growth of his loyal, international patient base.

Dr Phillips is recognised by all major insurance companies and sees insured and self-paying patients.


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